Le rendez-vous du 19...

For this month's exclusive sale, Laure Selignac presents a sophisticated box of secrets in fine Limoges porcelain, originally made available in a limited edition of 20.
Now, there is only one left. The Maison Laure Selignac is proud to make this rare piece available to you, collectors of fine porcelain and loyal clients of Laure Selignac.

It was with rare talent and skill that our artists gave life to this exquisite piece of decorative art, captured in beautiful Limoges porcelain.
This unusual box has a hundred uses...decoration, jewellery box, keepsake box... the choice is yours!

You can easily personalize this box with a short text of your choice, painted in pure gold.

This design takes inspiration from Madame de Pompadour's passion for porcelain.  It was thanks to this "Marquise" that fine decorative porcelain became fashionable. 
As a great patron of the arts, Madame de Pompadour strategically relaunched the porcelain factory at Sevres, France so that France might compete on equal footing with the Japanese, Chinese and Saxons in the prestigious world of fine porcelain. 

The décor is rich with flowers in various nuances of rose or pink because Madame de Pompadour was well known for her love of this particular color which came to be known as "Pompadour Rose."


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